Welcome to The Smart House

Click through the gallery to view the architectural concepts of the apartment. There is an indoor wifi signal with access to the built-in AirPlay speakers.

View from the middle bunk bedView from the upper bunk bedView from the upper bunk bedTable and chairs with ladder to access bunk beds in the backgroundDiaphanous wall: The corridor lighting reflects into the studio through this ambient lightTable and sofa before the fridge box was addedThe neighboring building's entrance seen from inside the studioPeek through the window in the afternoonA closer lookGuest working on computerGuest having a party

Facilities & Services (House III, 2015)

  • Two beds, one couch
  • Chic modern design
  • Three minute walk to Jingan Temple hub →
  • Located within a very quiet gated community beside a private park
  • Major venues and nightlife within two mile radius
  • AirPlay sound · Library →
  • Indoor and outdoor wifi signal
  • Metro 2 · 7 · 11 · Airport City Terminal
  • Bus 20 · 138 · 330 · 825 · 921 at doorstep,
    more bus lines within walking distance
    taxi easy 24 h except peaks

A Journey Through Time

A collection of historic maps, renderings and pictures including satellite imagery, for a quick study of the local history and urban context. See an actual map via Google →

Historic map of the neighborhood dating to 1904Postal map of the neighborhood from 1930British map of the neighborhood from 19331939 <i>China Hong List</i>, Page 515, Yu Yuan Road 395 Lane: House 16 was originally inhabited by <i>Lee Li Sai</i>Under Japanese occupation parts of Shanghai became lawless and, for those with money, a non-stop party. Map of the blockaded area adapted from Paul French's book 'City of Devils' including Japanese control points and the best joints for a night out in the Badlands, 1941Map from the early 1980s3D rendering around 2010A local neighbor rediscovering his neighborhood on the satellite image in the corridorPortal building with historic name signThe Smart House is located within a monument under protectionView towards the gate in the NorthTourists taking pictures is a daily sightFacade detail of the villa in the backyard

The Smart House in Shanghai was a nonprofit space supporting open access to resources, tools and knowledge.

→ Documentation of the Construction

→ 涌泉坊 history in Chinese