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Guiding Architects China…

CHIARC SIGHTS is member of Guiding Architects China network for architectural guided tours by architects, architectural historians and writers.

Guiding in China since 2002 we focus on Shanghai with deep insight into history, urban planning and contemporary architecture to understand both the cityscape and social structures.

Any of our tours is different. We guide to a wide range of places of diverse interest. This may involve longer walks, bike rides and public bus or subway within downtown. Shanghai's hinterland can be reached by car/coach or train. Please inquire for programme details of tours guided by architects in Beijing and Hongkong.

Individual audiences require individual sights and we suggest to tailor the programme to your needs and fields of interest. For example, if you are here for an official visiting programme or attend a trade fair, the timeframe for exploring and understanding the city might be very short, but our tour improves the overall stay, understanding and navigation a lot.

We can fill this limited frame with premium content. Please inquire for PREMIUM SIGHTS in China with the Χ Architecture Corporation here →

Tours in Shanghai last from one morning or afternoon to several days and focus on history of the old town area of Shanghai with its concessions and recent urban development with an outlook to upcoming years. Programmes include walks and rides with visits to outstanding buildings and compounds, to areas in change, museums, historical places or buildings/sites that are not open to the public. We design the programme with meals of local food and first class kitchens.

The most important asset of Guiding Architects is the quality of the services offered by our members. We care about your opinion, and hope that the experience you had with us met your expectations. We value your feedback and any suggestions you might have for improvement.

If you have questions about programme details and dates or need a sample programme tailored to your purpose, you are welcome to contact CHIARC SIGHTS in Shanghai →

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